FOR RELEASE ON March 17, 2021 

AT 17:00 PHST



Navcast Announces Dealer for SkyMate M1600 Type Approved by BFAR for Philippine Fisheries

AWA Marine Agrees to Distribute M1600 to Fishing Companies across the Country

[Manila, Philippines, March 17] — AWA Marine, headquartered in Makati, has agreed to become a dealer for the SkyMate M1600 VMS system in the Philippines.  They will provide increased sales and service coverage for the system, via their experienced sales team and local service network, that have been working with local fishing industry for many years already. With the addition of AWA Marine, Navcast expects that the supply of systems can meet the needs of the commercial fishing community under FAO 260 and FAO 266.

The Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has approved the SkyMate M1600 from Navcast-Asia for licensed commercial fishing vessels in the Philippines. The M1600 is the first vessel monitoring system (VMS) type approved by BFAR and will be deployed under the government’s FAO 266 and FAO 260 requirements whereby commercial fishermen are obliged to install an approved VMS system before November 5, 2021.

FAO 266, issued on October 19,2020, is based on the role of BFAR of the Department of Agriculture to conserve, protect and manage the country’s marine resources. In Section 2 of the FAO 266, the Scope is defined as “No commercial vessel shall engage in fishing activity without the vessel monitoring measures (VMM) as established herein. For this purpose, VMM shall apply to licensed Philippine flagged fishing vessels targeting straddling and highly migratory fish stocks within and outside Philippine waters.”

The SkyMate M1600 is a cost effective commercial communications system for fishing companies.  In addition to meeting the regulatory obligations of the fishing company, the M1600 provides two way communications, crew communications, lifesaving SOS features, custom reports, fleet tracking, and weather and sea state data for captains.   

Pat McGrath, President of Navcast Asia said “we are very proud to be the first approved vendor by BFAR and will earn their trust by providing a high quality VMS product in time to meet the deadline. The SkyMate M1600 is our workhorse product, approved and used in many jurisdictions around the world.   For the Philippine customer, the M1600 is also internationally approved by both the WCPFC and FFA for Philippine companies fishing in international waters.

Liam Murphy, Chief Executive Officer said “AWA Marine is proud to be nominated by Navcast for the sales and service of their type approved VMS Hardware. Our Company provides Navigation & Communication Systems from the largest Makers in the world. We specialize in Systems Integration, New Builds, and Customized Projects to all segments in the Philippine Maritime Industry. The M1600 is a feature rich product covering many communications needs of the commercial fisherman at a very attractive price point. We look forward to talking with our customers about the M1600 and scheduling an installation so they can meet their regulatory obligations and more.


Navcast Inc. (Mississauga, Canada and Manila, Philippines) is a Canadian technology company focused on satellite data enabled products. The company sells products under three brands, mazu for the recreational boating enthusiast, SkyMate for the commercial marine industry, and Alon for a thriving coastal marine community.

AWA Marine has a long and proud history in Marine Electronics- the company has been specializing in Communication & Navigation systems to the Commercial, Offshore Oil & Gas, and Defense Markets in Australia and South East Asia since 1918. We are specialists in marine electronics, and represent the biggest Electronic System Manufacturers in the market.