AWA Marine has been nominated by some of the most well known and Internationally renowned Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers, to represent their products and services here in Australia.

Our Business partners are continuously at the forefront of maritime technology and innovation, and we are extremely pleased to present and offer you these companies services.

  • Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

    Japan Radio Company (JRC) is internationally recognized as one of the worlds leading manufacturer's of Communication and Navigation Hardware.

    The Human Touch in Technology
  • Raytheon

    More than 100 years ago they invented the gyro compass. Today Raytheon Anschutz is one of the leading suppliers of Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) and Nautical equipment globally.


        Since its foundation in 1992, Navis Engineering has fast become one of the worlds leading providers of Dynamic Positioning Systems.
  • Interschalt Maritime Systems

    Interschalt is fast becoming one of the worlds leading providers of Maritime Systems, Engingeering and Automation. 
  • Globe Wireless

    One of the worlds largest independent providers of Satellite Communication Services. Globe Wireless provides Messaging (EMail), Satellite Airtime, Maritime ICT Applications, Satellite Hardware and Support. With over 12,500 Ships currently installed world-wide, they are at the forefront of Satellite Communications.

  • Orbit

    Orbit is a leading Manufacturers of VSAT and TVRO Satellite Antenna Systems.
  • Far Sounder

    Farsounder provides products from advanced long range 3D Forward Looking Sonars, to underwater Diver Detection Systems.
    This technology is suitable for both surface and sub-surface vessels.
  • Transas

    One of the leading providers of Fleet Management, Ship Security Alert Systems, and Vessel Monitoring Systems.
  • Jotron

    Jotron core product range include GMDSS emergency radio equipment, Internal telecommunication equipment and VSAT Antenna systems. Jotron also manufactures sound reception systems, marking lights, personal strobe lights and SOLAS Approved lifebuoy / lifeboat lights.
  • Totem Plus

    Totem has been developing ship automation and marine computerized applications since 1994, offering extensive experience with different systems (Engine Monitoring, ECDIS, BNWAS, BAMS, Voyage Data Recorder, Tank Gauging, Cargo Control, Loading Programs, Hull Stress Monitoring, etc, etc).
  • Tokyo Keiki

    One of the Leading Providers of Communication and Navigation Hardware 

    Port and VTMS Solutions
    Manufacturer of High Performance Navigation Sensors