AlphaMiniCourse Mk2

Gyro Compass

  • Maintenance free
  • Automatic start-up and alignment against the meridian
  • High static and dynamic accuracy
  • Roll and pitch angles up to maximum 45 degrees

AlphaMiniCourse Mk2
The AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 is designed to meet the needs of the marine market. Highly accurate performance derived from the aerospace industry, combined with a ruggedized construction in order to cope with the most severe circumstances at sea. The AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 has a monoblock design. The compass outer casing has a window on top for easy compass reading and if required, the control unit can be mounted at maximum 100 meters from the main gyro.

The AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 is a maintenance-free gyro compass. You do not have to worry about annual maintenance as the gyrocompass reliability index (failure-free operation) is set at an astonishing 60.000 hours.

The small and efficient one box design of the AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 is easy to install and adjust and has a built-in testing. Upon installation the gyro will settle fast with the pre-set heading. This takes only approx. 45 minutes. The AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 is a self-contained precision navigation instrument capable of supplying heading reference information simultaneously to a wide range of equipment located on board the vessel.

161-Gyro AM AlphaMiniCourse MK2 – Brochure AM
161-Gyro AM AlphaMiniCourse MK2 InstOper Manual
161-Gyro AM AlphaMiniCourse TechSpec Manual Special Cables


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