Digital Selector Switch

Selector Switch

  • Fully redundant with a selectable manual override
  • Input for up to 4 compasses or other external heading indicators, isolated
  • Comparison of heading from several Gyrocompasses or other external heading indicators
  • Multiple serial in and outputs

Digital Selector Switch
The Digital Selector Switch is designed to operate and build a system consisting of various AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompasses or other external heading indicators. This Digital Selector Switch consists of a Switch Unit and Controller and up to 4 AlphaMiniCourse Mk1/ Mk2 gyro compasses can be connected. When all gyrocompasses are connected to the unit they can be controlled from one control box.

All data of each gyro or external heading is displayed on the controller and will also be compared. Each gyrocompass may be individually switched on or off from the controller. Multiple users can be connected to the Digital Selector Switch directly, making this new Alphatron product a true asset to the international maritime market.

161-Gyro AM AlphaMiniCourse Digital Selector Switch InstOper Manual PKTs1


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