Speed Log (JLN-650)

Doppler Current Meter

  • 3D twist mode
  • Black box configured
  • Easy interfacing
  • Wide range of alarms

The new JLN-650 Doppler current meter continues the tradition of enhanced acquisition of speed and tidal current data, but now with a newly designed transducer and the integration of an extensive range of function and features.

You can view the current direction and speed in up to 100 layers with the twist mode. With this advanced feature, an operator is able to anticipate current speed and direction, enhancing the timing on when to deploy the nets in the water. Naturally, the twist display mode is accompanied with a wide range of information, such as current speed range, depth range, temperature and so on. You can view fish echoes in four-directions, two-directions ahead, or in any one direction, allowing for easy fish tracking. Just as any typical fish finder, you can set the display to the type of fish or sea conditions simply by adjusting the sensitivity.

123-EchoFish JRC JLN-650 – Brochure
123-EchoFish JRC JLN-650 Operation Manual
123-EchoFish JRC JLN-650-652 Instruct Manual


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