Satellite Compass (JLR-21)

GPS satellite compass

  • 5.7 inch high visibility LCD display
  • Roll, pitch, ROT, heave integrated
  • Heading accuracy 0,5º
  • High speed tracking response (ROT 45º/ sec)

The JLR-21 GPS compass continues the success of its predecessor, reaching a new level of performance and stability with many new features and enhancements. This system is also known as a 3D Dynamic Sensor™, which besides giving heading information, is designed to provide highly accurate information of the ships movement in all axis.

The JLR-21 has heave functionality built-in as standard. In rough ocean conditions (with high waves), the GPS compass can correct up and down (attitude), movement. JLR-21 supports Speed Over Ground (SOG) and Course Over Ground (COG). The position, SOG and COG are updated every 200 milliseconds (which is 5 times faster than previous model JLR-20), delivering high accuracy.

162-CompSat JRC JLR-21 – Brochure 1-10-2012
162-CompSat JRC JLR-21 – Brochure Spanish 1-3-2011
162-CompSat JRC JLR-21-31 Instruct Manual 1-9-2019
162-CompSat JRC JLR-21-31 Instruct Manual German 26-4-2012


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