HF Antenna (LHF500-00S)


  • High quality 5 m high HF antenna for professional use
  • Built in matching transformer for low frequency receiving
  • Rugged design
  • Fed via screw terminal inside connection box with standard coaxial cable (Ø 5 – 10 mm)

Our antennas are made of fiberglass and/or stainless steel for high-end applications where maximum range and durability are important for example usage on oceans and large lakes. We recommend fiberglass tube antennas, which are coated with smooth polyurethane and will last for many years. Small boats may also use stainless steel whip antennas because they are rugged and can withstand lots of mechanical forces during heeling of the small vessel. Depending on conditions and weight of an antenna, you can use stainless steel accessories like the adapter tube, deck, rail or wall mount.

600-Antenna AM LHF500-00S TechSpec Manual


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